Where fashion meets adventure

We are a brand new apparel company specializing in matching hats for parents and children. All of our products come with a unique fact stitched right into the fabric to hopefully help inspire your loved ones sense of learning and adventure.

Did you know that a million earths could fit inside the sun ?

Did you know that turtles can breathe through their butts?

Neither did most people until they learned about it through our products which will hopefully inspire young minds.

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  • Lindsey

    We have 2 hats and love them! They fit our toddler perfectly and are amazing quality.

  • Courtney

    We absolutely love our beanies! They’re so cute and super warm! 10/10 recommend .

  • Amanda

    Amazing parents who love their children dearly. I am thrilled to support this wonderful family in their new business journey!! Big thumbs up!!

  • Stephanie

    I absolutely love the hats I purchased for myself and my kids! They are such amazing quality, fun designs and the customer service is top knotch!

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We would like to announce...

that 1% of all our sales will go toward helping a family experience some sort of educational activity. Whether it's tickets to the Science Center in Edmonton or passes to the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, we firmly believe that educational experiences help build the leaders of tomorrow. At the end of the year we will randomly contact an existing customer and pay it forward to an activity of their choice.

What we believe in...

We started our apparel company because our 4 year old son had an idea. He wanted an asteroid hat, that was green, that also included rockets. We looked high and low and couldn't find such an item, so here we are. We would like to extend this thought process to anyone that reads this and has children. If they ever have an idea for an article of clothing that you have a hard time finding, perhaps we can help. Don't ever hesitate to contact us with any ideas you or your children may have.

Children have an amazing ability to be creative and we believe in listening to them.